1st Anniversary of PRAGNA

The IT Department students activity Club PRAGNA has celebrated its first anniversary on 25th December 2011.The students of II,III,IV IT ,Head of the Dept IT along with the faculty attended the celebrations. This event was held in e-classroom and commenced at 10:00 am of 25th Dec. Principal of RCE graced the occasion as chief guest.The students of IV it Swathi and Divya hosted the occasion.

Principal addressed the gathering explaining abou the importance of this kind of common platforms which are aimed at helping students to improve their Communication Skills. He said that “These clubs will help in improving Communication Skills and Technical stuff, Develop the qualities of interpersonal skills for personal and team effectiveness, Improve non-verbal communication to read others easily and accurately, Working with differing personalities and communication styles, Solving conflict in a constructive manner & Handling diverse and difficult people, Manage emotions of self and others for positive relationship”.

Later Head of the Dept IT addressed the gathering and instructed the students to organize events as part of this activity club on regular intervals. He appreciated the students who participated in the event and won the prizes and certificate of merits in various events. The anniversary celebrations were followed by group discussions , debate, cultural activities, paper presentations and quizzes. At the end of the sessions certificate of merit and mementos were presented to the winners in varios events on the hands of principal. Finally the event is concluded by vote of thanks by IV IT students.




Principal, RCE


Head of the Dept,IT


Head of the Dept,CSE


Faculty of IT and CSE


II,III and IV IT students


Inaguration of IT Students Activity Club - PRAGNA

On December 18th, 2011, a seminar on Communication Skills for III and IV year IT students was organized by the Department of IT. This event was organized as part of students activity club PRAGNA. The seminar included group exercises, group discussions, group activities and business simulations designed to create a highly-effective learning experience. The following are the details about the seminar


Seminar Details

Duration:10:00 am to 01:00 pm

2:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Date:Monday, 18 Dec 2011

Venue:E-Class Room , Block-A,RCE,ELURU


Key Benefits

This Seminar is aimed at helping individuals to improve their Communication Skills


Course Content

  • The Key Communication Skills & Building Positive Communication Skills

  • Develop the qualities of interpersonal skills for personal and team effectiveness

  • Improve non-verbal communication to read others easily and accurately

  • Working with differing personalities and communication styles

  • Solving conflict in a constructive manner & Handling diverse and difficult people

  • Manage emotions of self and others for positive relationship

Resource Persons

K.RUDRAIAH, Branch Manager, Deccan Chronicle-Rajahmundry.

C.SUNDRAMAYYA, Marketting Manager, Deccan Chronicle

At the end of the session Principal addressed the gathering and said, ”These kind of seminars will will help students to become more effective communicators at work and in their personal lives”. He appreciated the Dept of IT for organizing the seminar and also suggested to conduct more and more sessions at regular intervals. Finally the Head of the Dept IT felicitated the resource persons with mementos of the resource persons and concluded the meeting by vote of thanks.




Principal, RCE


Sri. K.Rudraiah, Branch Manager, DeccanChronicle,Rajahmundry


Sri.C.Sundaramayya , Markettng Manager,Deccan Chronicle


HOD's of CSE, IT, EEE, ECE, ME and MBA


Faculty of IT and CSE


Students of all branches



On 30th Nov 2011 a seminar by Mr. Nanda Kishore was conducted to give the students of CSE and IT an insight of the new and emerging technologies.


SPEAKER: Mr V. Nanda Kishor
Lecture : Awareness on open source technologies & VMWare
Venue of Lecture : E Class Room, First Floor , A Block , RCE
Time of Lecture : 30th November, 2011, Wednesday, 2.30 to 4.30 p.m.
Audience : II CSE , II IT , III CSE , III IT


Lecture : Awareness on open source technologies & VMWare
Many people will hear about Linux in the news, being the cool operating system that everyone can use free of charge. Those who become interested in it enough or actually start working with it, will learn that it is made out of many independent "open source" components. But what is open source and free software? What distinguishes them from other software that is available to the public at no cost or is distributed as shareware?

VMware is a tool used to run multiple operating systems (OS) on a PC. It is recognized for its broad operating system support, rich user experience, comprehensive feature set, and high performance. It's the perfect companion for any technical professional who wants to save significant time with a tool that is backed by world-class support.



• MS in Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, USA Aug 1995-Dec 1997
• ME in Electrical Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Karnataka, India Aug 1993 - Jan 1995
• BE in Electronics and Communication, KREC / NITK, Surathkal, Karnataka, India Aug 1989 – June 1993


• Worked as Sr. Configuration Engineer for F5 Networks, California, USA
• Also worked as a software Engineer in Build/Release/SCM Tech Lead, Platform Technologies Division and Imagecom Texas, USA
• Worked for Indian Telephone Industries, Bangalore, India as an Engineer


Teaching and Training Related Experience:
• Trained AutoCAD software
• Trained and supported remote software developers in Europe, Singapore, China and Russia
• Provided developer support on-demand and offered technical forums on advanced SCM topics such as branching and merging.

On Jan 11th 2012 a technical session by Mr. Nanda Kishore gave enthusiastic students hands on Hypervisor, VM- ware etc.,


Session 1: Hypervisor

· Install Virtual Box and learn how to create and manage virtual machines (VM).

· Create an empty machine and learn how to use it to boot from a 'Live' CD/DVD ISO image or physical media.

· Learn how to save data and session info from virtual machine to the host system or on a USB stick


Session 2: Install a heavy GNU/Linux desktop into a VM. ( Fedora 16 Scientific KDE)

· Understand installation process

· Explore the applications in this installation (see what compilers / IDEs are available along with office

and other scientific and engineering applications).
(Sessions 1and 2 will be conducted on 11-01-12)


Sesions 3: Install a light-weight GNU/Linux desktop if someone has just 512MB - 1GB on the host system

· Understand installation process (more involved than Fedora in case manual partitioning is involved inside the virtual machine).

· Explore applications

· Learn where and how to get software that's not present in this system.


Session 4: Install a GNU/Linux server with web server and a database server( Ubuntu)

· Learn how to connect to the server instance using an SSH client from anywhere.

· Learn how to use/manage web server - configuration files etc.

· Suggestions on how they can experiment with other things like 'Squid' proxy server etc + Learn how to upload files to the web server using SCP (via SSH connection)

Awareness On Foreign Education

An awareness program regarding foreign education was organized on 28th December 2011. Mr.Nivas.G. and Mr.Varma.A , marketing managers (South Asia) of EThames Graduate School which is in tie-up with the UNIVERSITY OF SUNDERLANDS, London gave details about the Graduation course offered by the university.


Women’s Day Celebration (8th March 2012)

The International Women’s Day events honor the achievements of women. The Women’s day celebration in RCE was an informal departmental gathering of all the female staff and students. The celebration was jointly organized by CSE & IT departments. It started with presentations covering the achievements of women, successful women, the health, empowerment, education, equality, leadership and the role of women in society.

Later cultural programs and competitions on singing, dancing, talent show, mahendi, skits, vegetable carvings etc were organized and at the end prizes were distributed.


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