Students from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering under their association of HUNT, had conducted electronic circuit exhibition named e – sparx on 09/01/2012.

          The function was inaugurated by the beloved Principal in the ECE department labs. The students of IV, III, II year ECE have participated in developing the innovative electronic circuit applications useful in our daily life. The exhibition was highly successful and appreciated by all the dignitaries. Principal appreciated the HOD and all the staff members for their intellectual support to the students. He said that the ideas and the work done by the students were very innovative and inspiring. These types of exhibitions have to be conducted every year to improve the knowledge in students. The participating students are very happy for the way the exhibits have developed and helped by the HOD and staff. They said that they learned new things in electronics and gained valuable experience such as marketing, study of various electronic components and their respective applications. They appreciated the help of ECE HOD for his great help in research part of the topics.



Awareness On Foreign Education

An awareness program regarding foreign education was organized on 28th December 2011. Mr.Nivas.G. and Mr.Varma.A , marketing managers (South Asia) of EThames Graduate School which is in tie-up with the UNIVERSITY OF SUNDERLANDS, London gave details about the Graduation course offered by the university.


Women’s Day Celebration (8th March 2012)

The International Women’s Day events honor the achievements of women. The Women’s day celebration in RCE was an informal departmental gathering of all the female staff and students. The celebration was jointly organized by CSE & IT departments. It started with presentations covering the achievements of women, successful women, the health, empowerment, education, equality, leadership and the role of women in society.

Later cultural programs and competitions on singing, dancing, talent show, mahendi, skits, vegetable carvings etc were organized and at the end prizes were distributed.


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