RCEE–NewGen IEDC PRojects(2017-18)

S.No Projects –NewGen IEDC Broad Domain Technology & Innovation
1 Smart Phone App for Checking Dissolved Oxygen in Fish Ponds IoT& Aquaculture Combines DO sensor & mobile app. Relevant for local aquaculture units.
2 Electric Floor Mopping Machine Design & Manufacturing Ergonomic design and β-version prototype is ready
3 PIR Sensor based Energy Saving Device Electronics & Energy PIR sensor controls the electrical devices. Proven energy savings.
4 Hydroxyapatite from Waste Fish Bones and Scales Materials & Aquaculture Processes fish waste for creating value. Relevant for local businesses
5 Ionic Air Purifier Electronics Design variants to suit diverse users
6 Design and Development of Aligners Using 3D Printing Technology Design & Manufacturing Pervasive 3D printing in dental applications
7 Portable Mechanical Weeding Unit Agriculture Ergonomic design
8 Silver Carbon Filter for Water Bottles Clean Water Unique design and large market
9 Low Cost Head Gear and Nose Mask for Working Personnel Safety & Workspaces Designed based on inputs of aquaculture forms
10 E-Commerce Platform for Aquaculture Aquaculture Software application platform for online trade for smart phones
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