To strike the balance between Health is wealth and Knowledge is power Sports are given priority at par with academics. Physical education and sport are essential to young people's development as pupils, as citizens and as individuals. Sport is fun in its own right, but it also offers the opportunity to develop skills in leadership, teamwork, creativity, enterprise and perseverance. It also provides young people with the opportunity to get fit and to adopt a healthy lifestyle, both now and in the future. 


Ramachandra College of Engineering  encourages students to explore their Latent talents by providing good games and sports facilities. The institute is equipped with the following.


1. Play ground for Cricket with Kits
2. Separate courts for boys and girls for Volley ball
3. Separate Courts for boys and girls for Basket ball
4. Disc throw
5. Short put
6. Other amenities of indoor games like caroms, shuttle and chess.

2017 Sports on Sports Day

Sports Meet At JNTUK

Eenadu cricket team  C-zone runners(2012-13)
 Kho-kho winners  team  at wise college games meet(2011-12)
Throw ball  runners team at wise college games meet(2011-12)
West Godavari Body building third place at Bhimavaram DNR college(2013-14)
 Body building second  place at Kakinada state level meet(2013-14)
Ramachandra college of engineering  Intramurals cricket tournament winners team Mechanical (2013-14)
JNTUK  university level one gold medal and two bronze medal winners at Vijayawada(2013-24)


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