The Phonetic Laboratory at Ramachandra College of Engineering was established in the year 2008 to complement the classroom learning of the students by imparting communication and interpersonal skills. The phonetics lab has 30 systems with language software in the domains of pronunciation, connected speech and business English.


In today’s global village it’s much difficult to sustain without good skill set. The intention of Phonetics Laboratory is to have graded aural exercises in pronunciation, stress and accent in the order of word, sentence, and discourse levels. The spectrum of the course is so designed so that the students, especially those who come from vernacular medium and have little exposure to conversing in English, can proceed to learn it at their own pace and on their own, with minimum assistance from the instructor.


The main objective of these language laboratories is to improve the pronunciation of the students. Since English is our second language, we tend to carry some of the features of the mother tongue into the English language called the MTI. In view to this we adopted certain computer aided language software’s which helps them immensely. After the inputs are given by the instructor, students practice speech sounds and patterns. Regular practice in the lab helps them overcome many of the drawbacks they encounter while speaking, and they can improve their pronunciation considerably. The aim is to teach students the neutralized accent so as to match and understand their foreign counterparts in business and corporate settings while communicating with them on inter-related projects.

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