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The Department of Information Technology at Ramachandra College of Engineering is stated form the Inception of the institute for a sanctioned intake of 60.The programme offers an graduate program in engineering in the field of Information Technology. The department at Ramachandra College of Engineering is geared to meet the challenges of the global IT industry. The IT courses taught in the Department covers the technical attributes of IT, its multiple uses and the appropriate management of IT resources. Courses especially focus on the application of IT in a variety of information and administrative systems.


The department is equipped with the state of the art computing facilities and experienced staff members and is known for its academic excellence proved by its performances since its inception. The department is competent in a way that it exposes students to a broad range of subjects involving advanced software technology and its application in industry. The curriculum relies heavily on industry-academia interaction and responds to the current needs and trends in the global software industry.
The Students of the Department are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities and competitions held as part of Hobby club PRAJNA and also inter department . The department strives hard to impart quality education and to keep the students on the competitive edge of the present-day technology.
For us IT is not just Information Technology, it is INDIA’S TOMORROW.


Infra Structure

The department of Information Technology has the best quality infrastructure with State of the art facilities

Five state-of-the-art laboratories - E-Learning, Interactive, Networking, Unix & Project Labs.
Over 150 high configured branded HP & ACER systems and three Intel Xeon dual processor servers.
4 MB Bandwidth Internet connectivity through Leased Line
leased line.
Lab for Internet with 60 latest HP systems.
E-Class room for E-learning comprises 200 VCDs for 20 subjects.
Advanced and latest software technologies like Rational Rose ,Oracle etc



Laboratory education is an important part of the engineering curricula. Department has various laboratories in both the platforms i.e Windows and Linux and the department constantly modernizes its infrastructure facilities to keep abreast with the rapidly changing technological trends in the field. At present the Computer Science and Engineering department is having the two full furnished labs for practicing C and Data Structures,Object Oriented Programming Through Java,UNIX & Shell programming,Oracle,Case tools, Multimedia webdesign,Compiler Design, Operating system labs


S.No Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Experience
1 G.Chamundeswari M.Tech,(PhD) HOD,Assoc Prof 10
2 K.Kiran M.Tech Asst.Prof 14
3 K. Veera Prasad M.Tech Assoc.Professor 8
4 K.Viswa Prasad M.Tech Asst.Prof 7
5 Shiv Bhagvan Ojha M.Tech Asst.Prof 5
6 P. Bhargav M.Tech Asst.Prof 5
7 K.Venkata Subramanian M.Tech Assoc.Professor 8
8 M.Ravi Kumar M.C.A Asst.Prof 2
9 R.V.S.N.S.Srinivas M.Sc(IT) Admin. 7
10 Md. Shameer B.Tech   1
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R10 2 - 1
R10 2 - 2
R10 3 - 1
R10 3 - 2
R10 4 - 1
R10 4 - 2



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