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Welcome to the Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE). The CSE Department has outstanding faculty expertise supporting a wide range of research and instruction in traditional and emerging areas of computer science and engineering. The department continues to grow at a rapid pace in terms of research funding, publications, and national and international service and recognition. Our rich research environment directly contributes to the high quality of our undergraduate and post-graduate programs, supporting world-class education at all levels (B.Tech., M.Tech).


I invite you to browse our web site where you will find detailed information on our academic programs at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels, research and teaching profiles of our vibrant faculty, and student societies. I know you will find something that sparks your interest.




Goals for CSE Department:
Short Term Goals:
1. To achieve 100% result.
2. Introduce innovative teaching pedagogies and outcome based learning.
3. To conduct national level technical symposium in association with CSI, ISTE on regular basis.
5. To increase industry institution interaction.
6. To Conduct International Conference in once in every year.
7. to encourage students to improve Entrepreneurship development skills.
9. Strengthen the institute through network of alumni.


Long Term Goals:
1. To achieve 100% placements.
2. Establish Research and development Center.
3. To start Technical NGO under the department for the welfare of society.
4. To encourage every faculty member to involve in research for the award of Ph.D.
5. To motivate at least 25% students in pursuing higher studies.
6. To involve in carrying out the projects for department of Science and Technology



To produce creative, competent and critically & logically reflective learners who possess deep knowledge in the field of Computer Science and Engineering by providing high quality technical education and build the intellectual capital of research in students’ and faculty community along with commitment, equity, social justice and environmental consciousness.


1.To provide a learning ambience with state-of-the art infrastructure, core instruction and well qualified and motivated faculty
2.To enhance innovations, problem solving skills, lifelong learning, leadership qualities, team-spirit and ethical responsibilities among students.
3.To provide exposure of cutting edge tools and technologies in the area of Computer Science and Engineering by entering in to collaboration with industry and academia.
PEO 051: Apply analysis, design, optimization and implementation skills in order to formulate and solve Computer Science and Engineering and multidisciplinary problems.
PEO 052: Take up higher studies, research & development and other creative efforts in Computer Science & Technology.
PEO 053: Use their skills in ethical & professional manner to raise the satisfaction level of stake holders with good communication skills and leadership qualities.
PEO 054: Engage in life-long learning and professional development to adapt to rapidly changing work environment.
PEO 055: Utilize innovative and advanced technology that would enhance the research skills that would best benefit the ever changing industrial demands and societal needs.
PSO 051: Foundation of Computer System & Problem Solving Ability to understand principles and working of computer by knowing key concepts of hardware and software. Analyze real time problems, design algorithms and develop methodologies & software applications for problem solving.
PSO 052: Foundations of Software development Ability to understand the structure and development methodologies of software systems. Possess professional skills and knowledge of software design process. Familiarity and practical competence with a broad range of programming language and open source platforms.
PSO 053: Lifelong learning and Research Activities Motivated to identify research gaps and provide solutions by inculcating innovative ideas & using modern tools. Passion for higher studies & lifelong learning.

Infra Structure

The department of Computer Science and Engineering has the best quality infrastructure with State of the art facilities

Five state-of-the-art laboratories - E-Learning, Interactive, Networking, Unix & Project Labs.
Over 150 high configured branded HP & ACER systems and three Intel Xeon dual processor servers.
4 MB Bandwidth Internet connectivity through Leased Line
leased line.
Lab for Internet with 60 latest HP systems.
E-Class room for E-learning comprises 200 VCDs for 25 subjects.
Advanced and latest software technologies like Rational Rose ,Oracle etc



Laboratory education is an important part of the engineering curricula. Department has various laboratories in both the platforms i.e Windows and Linux and the department constantly modernizes its infrastructure facilities to keep abreast with the rapidly changing technological trends in the field. At present the Computer Science and Engineering department is having the two full furnished labs for practicingC and Data Structures,OOP Through Java,Shell programming,Oracle,Case tools, Multimedia webdesign,Compiler Design, Operating system labs.


C-Programming Lab

Research Lab

Project Lab


Name of the Staff



Total Experience


1 Dr. G Srinivasa Rao Professor M.Tech Ph.D 20
2 Dr. B Raja Srinivasa Reddy Professor M.Tech,Ph.D 20
3 Dr. A Daveedu Raju Professor M.Tech,Ph.D 20
4 Mr. K Kiran Professor M.Tech 16
5 Mr. P Chakradhar Assoc. Prof M.Tech 15
6 Ms. S Nagavali Assoc. Prof M.Tech 14
7 Mr. P Sudhakar Assoc. Prof M.Tech 9
8 Mr. O Shiv Bhagawan Assoc. Prof M.Tech 10.2
9 Mr. B Yedukondalu Assoc. Prof M.Tech 10
10 Mr. M Vijaya Raju Assoc. Prof M.Tech 8.6
11 Mr. A Srinivasa Rao Assoc. Prof M.Tech 9
12 Mr. G Prasanth Kumar Asst. Prof M.Tech 11
13 Ms. M S Radha Asst. Prof M.Tech 9
14 Mr. K Venkatesh Asst. Prof M.Tech 9.2
15 Mr. Ch Raghu Kumar Asst. Prof M.Tech 8
16 Mr. Y Nagendra Kumar Asst. Prof M.Tech 7.7
17 Mr. Ch Hemanand Asst. Prof M.Tech 6.7
18 Mr. K Gopi Asst. Prof M.Tech 6.1
19 Mr. P Naresh Asst. Prof M.Tech 4.3
20 Mr. B Prasad Babu Asst. Prof M.Tech 3.3
21 Mr. G Hari Hara Kumar. Asst. Prof M.Tech 2.3
22 Mr. K Praveen kumar Asst. Prof M.Tech 1.6
23 Mr. A Chiranjeevi Asst. Prof M.Tech 4
24 Mr. Ch Venkatesh Asst. Prof M.Tech 2
25 Mr. K Lakshmanudu Asst. Prof M.Tech 5
26 Mr. K N V Devendra Kumar Asst. Prof M.Tech 5
27 Ms. V Sai Bhanu Asst. Prof M.Tech 2
28 Mr. K.V Varaprasad Asst. Prof M.Tech 2
29 Ms. K.Prasad Asst. Prof M.Tech 2
30 Mr. B Dhana Veera Pavan Kumar Asst. Prof M.Tech 2
31 Ms. G Poornima Asst. Prof M.Tech 0.4
32 Mr. S Pavan Sai Kumar Asst. Prof M.Tech 0.3
33 Mr. P Hari Nrayana Asst. Prof M.Tech 0.3

Supporting -Staff


R V S N S Srinivas

System Administrator

M.Sc (IT)



K srinivas Rao

System Administrator



R Sateesh

System Administrator



29-Dec-2017 Guest Lecture by Mr.B.Narasimha Rao on Remote subscription manager -view Details
07-Nov-2017 Five day workshop on Innovating Teaching Methodologies -view Details
13-Jul-2017 2 Day Workshop on Games Develop in C - CSE -view Details
24-Dec-2016 CSE-PDS ON NAVA JAGRUTHI - T VENUGOPAL -view Details


3 day workshop on “ HTML 5 web development & gaming” conducted by COIGN EDU &IT services PVT . LTD during 10th - 12 th march 2014)
(II) 3 day workshop on “ C programming & algorithms ” conducted by COIGN EDU &IT services pvt ltd during 26 th april 2014 -28 th april2014)
farewell party celebrations in RCE on 3rd April 2014
(IV) Women’s day celebrations in RCE on 8th march 2014


Regular Year & Semester
R16 1Year
R13 1-1
R13 1-2
R13 2-1
R13 2-2
R13 3-1
R13 3-2
R13 4-1
R13 4-2



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